Keep IT-services working with zero downtime

Online monitoring and support for executives, product owners and developers.

We track important decision metrics.

We fix issues before things stops working and save time.

«We work fast, with high quality and comfort»

Anatoly Seregin, IT-entrepreneur and service author

Help to save and earn with automation

Collect important metrics from your service — CRM, webapp, e-shop.

Compare with threshold presets and get notifications instantly.

Save time, energy and money on routin processes

Get webapp, server, IoT metrics. Pack to resports.

Tell your team about recommendations and help to resolve the issue on demand.

collecting data

Store and proccess metrics,

that help you make management desicions.

The platform collects data on event or by schedule. We do not average data and store it forever.

Simple integration

If you need to set things up fast just write us a message.
We create status pages got your team and users.

Ask for help

If you'd like to set up things on your own please use our open source clients for Windows and Linux. We've got SDK for python, javascript, php.


We predict problems and warn responsible pesron

by e-mail, Telegram or push messages in your browser or mobile device.

Push notifications out-of-the-box

We send instant messages to your mobile device in case of reaching the threshold that you've set up.


We save up to 80% resources
needed for IT services support

with best practices, 15 years of experience, good documentation in our own wiki and automation.

Help to support growing services for entrepreneurs, owners and executives.

Would you like to discuss the task?

Choose your quality plan

There are checks on event and schedule in all plans and notification
to Telegram, Trello and e-mail.

We give 10% descount for annual payment.

If you don't like monopus during 30-days we will make a refund.



Public status page with monopus logo

Unlimited history

Up to 3 services

Up to 50 checks

Sign up


from €70 per month

Private status page

Up to 2 hours support + wiki

Up to 10 services

Up to 200 checks

Call a Team


from €250 per month

All from Team

24/7 monitoring. Up to 12 hours of resolving issues

Up to 30 services and 500 checks

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